Saturday, October 9, 2010

What is the difference between a NetBook and a laptop?

Although Netbooks around for a few years been, you are pretty much knew and unknown to most people. This is why many confuse with laptops or try to find the differences between Netbooks and notebooks.

That is why in the rows below I will explain to you, what is the difference between a NetBook and a laptop in a few short and simple lines.

First of all Netbooks are the little brothers of regular laptops.This is because they are lighter and smaller. While the average laptop a 15.4 "screen and weights approximately 4.5-5 pound has these days has the average NetBook a 10" screen and weight around 2.8 pounds. And because it has a smaller screen, has a smaller body and it is more compact and easier to carry.

Then, come Netbooks with smaller screens and typically smaller resolution. You may have already from the previous paragraph, but since Netbooks are smaller, so are their screens. Get only a handful of 12 with displays between 7 and 12 inches, while laptop displays between 12 to 19 inches and it "Versions are available."

Netbooks are also handy for laptops. In addition to this size issue you also come with better battery life. If you expect and on average 3 hours life through a 15.4 Notebook could, can easily a standard 10"Netbooks these days 6 to 8 hours with some you even over the 10 hour mark. and that's a standard laptops that can offer something.

the autonomy of the Netbooks is mainly due to the lower hardware you due House. Yes, Netbooks are meant for low consumption using hardware can offer only a limited set of services.Are good for basic everyday things, but when it comes to take the challenge resource hungry applications or games.Laptops can also house ultra pro formant hardware, SLI graphics and high end CPUs there are larger desktop replacement devices with up to 3 hard drives.

The last ever not least, it is the price mater.A standard NetBook goes for about $ 350 and offers a good 10 "Screen, decent hardware, well-built low profile body and an autonomy of about 8 hours."You can actually received money laptops for this, but you will end up with a large and bulky device with hardware not much better than what in Netbooks and very poor autonomy for can. A good laptop runs but for $ 600-800 and high versions could $ 2000.So, easily jump, although there are differences in performance between laptops and Netbooks, these differences are seen in their price tags.

So, as a conclusion, a NetBook is like a sub laptop.Es has a screen, keyboard, touchpad and most used ports and offer enough power to standard applications laufen.Es is also compact light and comes with a very good battery life for a very good Preis.Laptops are larger on the other hand and all, but missing the additional performance of Netbooks with a lower level of autonomy.

There are to other small details, and you can learn more in this article about the difference between Netbooks and notebooks.

You find these resources for more info on the best NetBook computers on the market and reviews, news or very good price listings.

Mike writes about Netbooks.Er is a NetBook owner and enjoys, supply of interesting materials to others interested in the Netbooks.

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